Branch Practice Bletchingdon 1st November 2017

Nine ringers from seven towers came to Wednesday night’s branch practice.

After ringing up we warmed up with some plain courses of Grandsire doubles– Ernie could not be tempted to try a different bell from 3, but will try 4 or 5 next week.

We then rang a number of plain courses of Plain Bob doubles with Judith on 2, improving each time.

Next we rang an acceptably struck 120-change touch of Grandsire doubles, called by Jeremy (5), with Ann 4, Steve 3, Kathryn 2, Sue on treble.

We also rang a 120-change touch of Plain Bob doubles Kathryn 2, Jeremy 3, Ann 4, Steve 5, Judith on tenor.

For something slightly different the team attempted a 60-change touch (PBPBPB) of Plain Bob doubles, Ann on 4 making bob and Long 5ths. We had to abort the first attempt due to a bob called at the wrong point. The 2nd attempt went much better.

Finally the team rang more Grandsire plain courses before ringing down.

Next practice is on 20th November at Bicester. Hope to see lots of you there.