Bicester Branch focussed practice 19th May 2019

The team of students and helpers

Four Bicester Branch ringers from three towers plus Kathryn helping, attended this afternoon’s focussed practice at Bletchingdon, giving Sue M, Sally, Sue C and Judith  valuable practice at trebling and inside to Doubles methods.

They were joined by a very experienced team of helpers from Bicester, Oxford City and Witney & Woodstock branches: Kathryn, Alison , Ron, Malcolm, Clare, Sue, Jane and Colin, who provided such strong support to the students.
Our helpers enjoyed tea, coffee and homemade cake in return.

Sue M and Sally rang plain courses of Grandsire, followed by observation then fully affected on 3. Well done, both!

Sue C trebled to touches of Grandsire, then to plain courses and touches of St Simon’s Bob Doubles. Some really nice striking was achieved.

Judith rang 4 to Grandsire Doubles affected, including a full 120 change touch with 9 bobs and singles.

Finally, Sue M, Sally and Judith rang down in peal with the team, a nice finish.

It was evident to all concerned that everyone made huge progress over the two practices this month, helped by the close proximity of the 2nd practice, ensuring momentum was maintained.